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Introduction of PSI

PSI is abbreviation of Pre-Shipment-Inspection. Normally when European client purchase goods from other country, in order to make sure the product quality and reduce the commercial risk, the client will find a third party to do inspection for them. We can support a better service to client.

Definition of defects

1.Critical defect – Expected hazard of human life, health or environment or Non-conformance with safety requirements/mandatory/regulations.

2.Major defect – Usability or lifetime probably significant affected or saleability of the product is affected.

3.Minor defect – Usability or lifetime probably less or not affected, but workmanship is beyond the defined quality standard.


Normally if the lot size is not too big, one FRI inspection is enough.
If client want us do on-line, Initial and Dupro inspection, we can do according to client's requirement.
If the lot size is very big, in order to reduce the risk, it is better do on-line or Initial or Dupro inspection before FRI can be done. Client can make an inspection combination.

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